Why Hire GoPestTech 

Why GoPestTech. When hiring someone for pest control, the most important factor should be the technician who will be providing you with the service you need.  He or she should be the one to evaluate your situation, decide what the most effective way of solving your problem is and then implementing the pest management solution.  After all, the technician is the one who is going to be on-site. When you hire GoPestTech, you hire Lorne Hill and his 32+ years of pest control experience and his vast knowledge of pest management.
It simply comes down to these four ingredients;  1.Knowledge, 2.Experience, 3.Service, and 4.Results

My philosophy of pest management is simple.  To create a custom solution for each and every client.  To do this I draw on my 32+ years of experience, training and education in the pest management field.  I also have many years of experience working in and around the construction industry as a hobby.  This has given me additional knowledge that most pest management technicians do not have.  This knowledge allows me to find rodent entry points and manage and solve pest problems that others cannot. 

I believe in the old adage “the customer is always right”.  To that end my customers are paying me for a service, so it is my job to provide that service to the satisfaction of my clients.  GoPestTech also tries to  educate their clients, explaining to them why they have pest problems, what we can do to solve their pest problems and how long it should take to eliminate the problems. My goal is satisfied clients!

It is also my philosophy to stay on the cutting edge of pest management ideas, techniques and products.  This gives me the widest variety of tools available for me to use in caring for my clients pest management needs.