Here are just a few things our clients have to save about GoPestTech and Lorne - to see more, visit our listing on Angie's List, Yelp, Facebook and other internet/social sites.

Very informative... price is NOT outrageous.. will go back to him again..       - A.M., Fond du Lac

He was very attentive, thorough, and clearly his years of experience in the field have given him a lot of wisdom and a broad  minded perspective. His approach is very customer centered, not "company" centered and it is refreshing. It feels like he's here to help, not to sell something. His visit was extremely helpful for our situation.   - G.L., Fond du Lac

Pest was a wonderful choice. He has done an outstanding job taking care of our pest problems when we have them. His prices are great, not too expensive for what he does as well. I would highly recommend him to anyone that i know that has a pest problem.      P.L., Fond du Lac

The large national vendor's cost was much higher than GoPestTech and had no empathy for our situation. GoPestTech was significantly less, gave us more information on how to battle the bed bugs. The same modern, up-to-date practices and chemicals were used that the "other Guys" would use. However, did not take advantage of a family during a crisis. The cost for the services provided by GoPestTech were 1/3 that of the larger vendor. This included the 2 follow-up visits to ensure the pests were completely gone. Loren Hill knows pests, and how get rid of them.         A.G., Fond du Lac

Very good service would use GoPestTech.   -J.A., Fond du Lac

I heard scratching in my upstairs wall. I called to make an appt and he came that same day. He did a thorough inspection, explain all kinds of things, including the plan to get rid of the mice. I haven't heard a sound since the day after he came. I highly recommend.   - L.F., Oshkosh

Lorne is extremely knowledgeable, professional and personable. He helped identify the rodent droppings in our home and was very helpful and patient in eradicating them and helping us understand what occurred. He spent a lot of time with us inspecting the property and treating it. He was never rushed and we felt like such a priority--excellent customer service! He also has thorough packages for on-going maintenance that are well-priced. We immediately signed up since we feel so comfortable with him. He was available by email and cell and would call me personally to go over details of our property and the situation we were facing. I am so glad we found Lorne and Go Pest Tech. We highly recommend his services. We are now at ease after an unexpected situation and it's all thanks to Lorne! He even connected us with other professionals in the area to help with some clean-up we needed, which also turned out to be fantastic referrals.   -A.C., Fond du Lac