Founder & CEO BIO

Lorne Hill is the founder & CEO of GoPestTech. He has worked in the Pest Control Industry for over 32 years. He started his career in April, 1985 doing pest management in southeastern Wisconsin, working for a medium-sized company.  Lorne became supervisor of the Service Department where he trained and monitored 7 technicians.  He supervised the service department for 8 years while continuing to service customers in the field. 

 Lorne developed and implemented a comprehensive pest management program for the Milwaukee County Zoo.  Created customized service programs for schools, hospitals, manufacturing facilities including food manufacturing and food warehousing, institutions such as nursing homes and assisted living, public facilities and countless small businesses such as restaurants, bars, medical/dental offices, etc. as well as thousands of homes.

During the course of his 30+ year career he has had continuing education in the pest management industry.  He has successfully completed the Purdue University Pest Management Technologies course and achieved a combined score of 93.8%, which is a rating of excellent.  He holds a certificate of excellence from Quality Pro Green and Quality Pro School.  He has successfully completed and passed the NPMA pest management in food plants exam as well.  Lorne currently holds 4 certifications from the State of Wisconsin.  He has also achieved numerous awards for sales and service from his previous employers.

One of the reasons Lorne Hill began GoPestTech, is explained this way,  “As pest management companies grow and especially if they grow too fast, the focus tends to shift away from the specific needs of individual customers and a “cookie-cutter” philosophy develops.  For example, sometimes the company’s bigger picture gets in the way of doing what’s best for each and every individual client.  This makes it difficult for technicians like myself, whose primary concern is for the clients that we are servicing,  as we may be asked to do things that are not in the clients’ best interest,  but rather in management’s best interest”.   Lorne Hill made the decision to start my own pest management company GoPestTech, with the “Client” and service always the No.1 concern.  “ I love solving people’s pest problems and wanted to be free to do what I know to be in their best interest.  There’s nothing more satisfying than knowing you’ve taken a panic stricken person, calmed their fears and “saved the day”.